About Platinum Protection Systems

Your security begins long before the first piece of equipment is installed. Electronic security systems for commercial properties starts with strategic thinking.

Platinum Protection Systems

Platinum Protection Systems is a privately owned and operated security systems firm. We have proudly served commercial, industrial, and financial businesses in the New England Area and beyond since 2007 with state of the art security products and services. The founders of Platinum Protection Systems continue to be active in the day-to-day operations.

Our firm offers a variety of technology solutions to provide the right products, services, and support to meet our clients security needs. Platinum Protection Systems works with the leading manufacturers in the industry to provide the most reliable and secure products.

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World-Class Client Service

Platinum Protection Systems is committed to the best client experience possible. Our team of client service specialists are available to assist with any security need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our technicians can be dispatched at a moment's notice, no matter the time of day. Our ability to protect our customers defines our success and we stand behind our service unconditionally. Our commitment to our clients, is that we will meet or exceed our agreed-upon service obligations, guaranteed.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Each industry we serve is unique, with some requiring high degrees of specialized knowledge of regulatory and risk-related issues. We believe that in order to effectively create value for our clients, our design and service specialists maintain a knowledge of each clients operating processes and parameters to deliver a superior experience.

Quality, Economical Products

By integrating open management platforms with a diverse catalog of security products, we provide solutions that are budget-friendly and that are less likely to become obsolete. Our security specialists design, install, operate, and maintain our systems with the expectation that improvements will be necessary as technology and security needs advance.

Installation Specialists

Platinum Protection Systems employs a team of product installers with years of experience in the electrical field. Our certified technicians have passed rigorous background checks and are highly experienced, licensed, and insured. Leveraging the teams expertise, our security products are installed safely and properly to ensure systems function continuously, protecting our clients assets around the clock.

Commercial Security

Our Mission

As security systems and safety specialists, we are committed to enhancing our client’s security programs by providing reliable and cost-effective electronic security systems. With an unwavering focus on applying modern technologies to satisfy our client’s security requirements, Platinum Protection Systems continuously proves to be a valuable partner to your organization.

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The Platinum Difference

For more than a decade, Platinum Protection Security has been one of the top security companies in New England. Our commitment to every product we install guarantees that our clients expectations are met and that our systems operate reliably.

As the regions leader in security system design, integration, installation, and client service, Platinum Protection Systems provides a spectrum of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for a diverse list of security needs. That’s the Platinum Difference.

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Platinum Difference