We have the knowledge and resources to protect high valued assets for outside plant operations. Did you know that over 96% of stolen metal is from copper. By utilizing our knowledge of installing fiber, you are able to protect large sized facilities with high resolution cameras, where others security vendors only provide coax based solutions.

By having trained fiber technicians on staff, we are able to single source an outside plant installation to accomplish a complete security solution. We have the ability to implement IR illumination and video analytics to detect if a fence line has been breached, by producing a notifying signal.

Additional options like disarm readers or key switches allow authorized facility staff to enter unmanned facilities without setting off alarms, which under normal circumstances dispatch police. This on/off functionality makes it easy for you to manage your security system. Additionally, built in functionality automatically rearms the facility in the event a staff member left without rearming the facility, without leaving the facility unprotected.


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