We install and support a variety of wireless networks, including Firetide, Ruckus, FluidMesh, Proxim, Verint and Cisco. We have the resources to design, install and implement a simple point-to-point wireless bridge and the more complex multiple mesh wireless network; for any kind of IP traffic. We have successfully designed systems utilizing Sector, Patch, Dish, Omni and Yagi antenna designs for several customers, based on distance requirements and access point ranges.

Replace those costly T1 lines, short haul, and long haul modems with more reliable, faster point-to-point bridges, which will allow you actually use off site resources.

Infrastructure mesh technology provides municipal, industrial and enterprises with the bandwidth needed to expand the reach of their networks. This gives users a variety of fixed and mobile applications: city-wide video surveillance, traffic management and intelligent traffic systems,and private and public Wi-Fi access. 

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Ultra-fast and Reliable Smart Wi-Fi Access Points with Dynamic Beamforming - Our WLAN system brings power and simplicity together for large-scale indoor deployments.

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