At Platinum, we understand the skills and resources it takes to be master at every access control platform. We have several industry experts on staff that can support the following platforms. Please contact us if you need help with any of these systems or a system that might not be listed.

  • Red Cloud Enterprise
  • Red Cloud Express
  • Red Cloud Virtual
  • PlaSec
  • Maxxess Axxess  
  • Maxxess eFusion
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • S2 NetBox
  • S2 Enterprise
  • Identicard Premisys
  • Honeywell ProWatch
  • Honeywell WinPak
  • Honeywell NetAxs
  • PCSC LincNet
  • Sielox Pinnacle
  • Software House CCure 800
  • Software House CCure 9000
  • Keyscan System 5
  • Keyscan System 6
  • Keyscan System 7
  • DSX WinDSX
  • Synergistics Presidio
  • AMAG Symetery
  • GE Alliance 
  • GE Facility Command Wnx
  • GE Topaz
  • GE Picture Perfect

When choosing an access control system, key points need to be considered before you make your final decision. Cost, of course, is a major consideration along with the type of security you need and who will be using the system to gain access. Access control systems vary a great deal in their complexity and ease of use. Some involve nothing more than entering a security code on the keypad, while others use biometrics to gain access. A system that is intuitive and easy-to-use is probably your best bet.

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Unlike proprietary physical access control systems and companies that deploy them, Platinum Protection Systems supports open field hardware from leading manufacturers. This allows organizations to leverage investments in non-proprietary field hardware, with retrofit programs available for industry-standard door hardware and card readers, including contact/ contactless smart card, proximity, magnetic stripe and barcode.

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IP Intercoms system have the flexibility of an open architecture, interfacing with surveillance cameras, telephones, access controls as well as other systems. System functions range from conversation, paging broadcasts, background music broadcasts, and various security functions including emergency broadcasting and audio triggering.

Mutliconductor Intercom systems have the flexibility of running over exisitng copper cabling where ulitizing distances over the CAT5e (100m) limitations.



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