You get everything needed to help protect what’s important. We make it easy to veiw your vantage points with smart cameras, powerful software, and free viewing online, on your mobile. With easily adjustable 2-axis camera gimbal with 360° pan and  90° tilt.  Keep an eye on things even when you can’t be there with the complete video security you can set up yourself, and count on when you need it.


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Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch™ functions as a home controller, video viewer, digital picture frame and security system keypad all in one. The magnificent, 7" high-resolution graphic touchscreen provides you with the easiest way to automate and control your heating and cooling, door locks, shades, lighting, security and more from one system. Tuxedo Touch can  help you make the most of your home—letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement, energy savings and endless possibilities. Comfort. Luxury. Convenience. It will make your home more enjoyable and your life easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible.



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