We all know the feeling, that nagging concern in the back of our minds... What if there's a fire? What if someone breaks in? Platinum Protection Systems has a solution for you and your family – to help stop the worrying.

With Platinum Protection you can gain freedom and peace of mind by allowing us to design an affordable state-of-the-art fire and home security system for your family. We will work with you to develop a solution that fits your lifestyle, while at the same time offering the absolute best protection available. By choosing Platinum you aren't just buying into a simple service, you are allowing us to help take on the burden of protecting your most important asset, your family.

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An AXIS Camera Companion system consists of Axis cameras, SD cards, software for PC mobile devices, and network equipment. Video is recorded to the SD card inside the camera, making each camera an independent surveillance device. That means there’s no need for a separate recording device (DVR) or computer during operation — making the system extremely simple and cost-effective. As an added bonus, this system is more reliable, because there´s no single point of failure in the system. With AXIS Camera Companion everything you need is in the camera. Get direct access to the surveillance functionality you need with the best picture quality — even on the go. It’s simple: install it, watch it, interact with it, depend on it.

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