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With over 300 finicial institution locations installed, we have the resources to provide outstanding installations, service and support for all types of banks, credit unions and corportate locations. 

For a long time banks have relied on high security Medeco keys. The loss of one key by an employee or a vendor at a facility could result in rekey all of the locks in the branch and reissue of new keys. This was a very costly option that could at times exceed $100,000 depending on the key and the region or an area.

Today, smart-card technology allows banks to utilize the option of issuing smart cards to its employees and vendors. Each card holds specific information such as name, telephone number,department and access authority level for each individual.  


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Several years ago bank’s access control relied 100 percent on dial-up connection to it's central command station. Today, more than half of the bank’s facilities operate on it's network backbone. This bank uses three layers of communication to prevent interruption of it's mission critical access control, with analog and digital cell lines for backup. If an alarm is triggered at any point, and that panel is on IP, it will automatically go from the branch to the central station. 

Today, banks integrated more than 1,000 Vertex systems DVRs, located onsite at many locations. Banks software that supports Vertex systems provides full control, status and system configuration functionality to the central station. When an alarm in the bank is triggered, video automatically will come up on screen, in real-time, at the central station. Banks have an ability to view diagrams and layouts of the facility with an actual photographic image. Therefore there is no need for the actual knowledge of the facility. An operator who may be dealing with an occurring event can have an electronic description of the facility through a layout diagram and also a real-time video image of the facility at the central station.

Protecting your business from fire and maintaining a safe environment can be a very challenging experience. We are extremely knowledgable in designing, installing, servicing and maintaning fire alarm systems, ranging in size from small to very large. 


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