For a long time banks have relied on high security Medeco keys. The loss of one key by an employee or a vendor at a facility could result in rekey all of the locks in the branch and reissue of new keys. This was a very costly option that could at times exceed $100,000 depending on the key and the region or an area.

Today, smart-card technology allows banks to utilize the option of issuing smart cards to its employees and vendors. Each card holds specific information such as name, telephone number,department and access authority level for each individual.  


Access control systems have the ability to write auditing reports that can track who has access to a facility and which area. The reports can be generated in matter of seconds and directed to an E-mail for any further review. This report can help to monitor who is in the branch, when, where, why and how long they were there for and etc.


Access control provides accountability and cost reduction in rekeying the entire facility. If an employee or a vendor loses a card, you can turn off and reissue a new card without jeopardizing security and exceeding costs of rekeying the entire branch or facility.

Smart-cards have magnetic locks that require a request exit motion or a request exit button in addition to an emergency override in order for the door to operate with one hand. By using an electric strike with a mechanical egress, all it takes to get out of the building is either a push on the crash bar or turn the door handle. Access control is a reliable tool that allows banks to maintain the control and the security of all the branches with the touch of a computer.


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