Our company strives to provide the best service, the latest and most innovative technology, quality long lasting products and superior installations. Get to know the reasons why the Platinum Advantage is the right choice for your business or home.


The best service is delivered, not promised. Call 855-247-SECURE anytime and be connected to a live person that cares about your problem. We have technicians available to be dispatched at a moments notice, no matter the time of day. Our ability to serve our customers defines our success and we stand behind our service unconditionally. Our commitment to you, our customer, is that we will meet or exceed our agreed-upon service obligations, whatever the cost.

Innovative Technology

Each industry we serve is unique. Some require high degrees of specialized knowledge of regulatory and risk-related issues. We believe that in order to effectively create value for our customers, we must maintain an in-depth knowledge of their business processes, operating parameters, their profit formulas and their customers.

Quality Products

By sticking with open platforms and diverse product offerings, we provide solutions that are lower in cost and are less likely to be obsolete due to the integration and interchangeability. Using open field hardware allows our customer to never lose their initial hardware investment because there is always an option to expand and integrate with other systems.


Platinum has a core group of installers with years of experiences in the high voltage electrical field, proving that if a product is installed correctly, its going to last longer because cabling will not be damaged and water will not penetrate sensitive electronic components. Teaming those skills with basic IT and locksmith skills, our Platinum Advantage provides 100% solution for your facility.


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